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Their brand needed to reflect their heritage as a century old, local bank servicing a predominantly rural community. By identifying their brand attributes as being relationship focused, competitive and distinctive in that they are locally owned and a century old, James Clark Design was able to create a visual brand that connected the Bank to the community and also give them a professional look to grow their commercial business.

A solid brand needs to reflect the unique and honest culture of an organization while being used across a broad range of applications. From print to website, the brand must appear seamless and continuous. Kitsap Bank brand is a reflection of their century old heritage as a local bank servicing a predominantly rural community. By identifying their brand attributes as relationship-focused, competitive, and distinctive, the design and images align, creating a visual brand that connected the Kitsap Bank to the community. The brand’s professional appearance allows the bank to increase their community size as well.

Olympic Bancorp the holding company of Kitsap Bank, has hired us to create and position their annual report as a branding and business communication tool. A small group controls the bank so there is not a need to report to a large number of shareholders. They understand that a well branded annual report is an important communication as a presentation to existing and potential commercial accounts and community leaders.

With years of steady growth and the majority of the business based in rural communities we developed their annual report brand around nature. Presenting the roots of the bank in the community with images of people enjoying nature and the outdoors. Showing the growth of the bank similar to the trees of the scenic vistas around the local area.

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